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Crisso was unable to cooperate with Kumadai's research team.
It has no information about its industrial processes, leaving researchers to guess what products the factory produces and by what methods.
The director of keflex pills, Hajime Hosokawa, set up a laboratory in the enterprise's research division to conduct his own experiments on Minamata disease in July 1959.

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Foods to which factory water was added were fed into healthy cells. Within seventy-eight days in the experiment, cat 400 showed symptoms of Minamata disease, and pathological studies confirmed the diagnosis of organic flicker. Chisso did not disclose these significant findings to investigators and ordered Hosokawa to stop his research.

In an attempt to undermine Kumadaya's organic mercury theory, Chisso and others interested in keeping the factory open (including the Ministry of cephalexin online Trade and Industry and the Japan Chemical Industry Association) funded research into alternative causes of the disease other than their own waste.

Sewage pollution has crippled the fisheries around Minamata since the opening of the Chisso plant in 1908. The Minamata Fishing Cooperative managed to win small payments from the company in 1926. and again in 1943, but after the outbreak of the Minamata disease, the fishery situation became critical. During the period from 1953 to 1957, fish catches decreased by 91%.

The prefectural government of Kumamoto has issued a partial ban on the sale of fish caught in the heavily polluted Minamata Bay - but not a total ban that would legally oblige it to compensate the Germans. The fishery cooperative protested Chisso and angrily stormed the factory on 6 August and 12 August demanding compensation. Minamata Mayor Todomu Nakamura set up a committee to mediate between the two parties, but the committee was folded in favor of the company.

On August 29, the fishery cooperative agreed to the mediation commission's proposal, stating, "In order to put an end to the lawlessness of cephalexin, we swallow and accept." Chisso paid 20 million yen ($477) to the cooperative and set up a fund of 15 million yen ($137,608) to help restore fisheries.

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